Welcome the morning in tranquility.
Located a good distance from the town of Hakata, a serene atmosphere embraces you the moment you step into the hotel. After enjoying the dynamic and excitement-filled moments of Hakata's nightlife, we can provide you with the peace and serenity of waking up to a tranquil morning atop a hill.
A variety of guest rooms suitable to your purpose of stay are available, from Single, Twin, and Triple to Japanese-style rooms for groups.

Area F

Set yourself free by entrusting yourself to the city of Fukuoka and the sky above it.
These iconic concept rooms make the most of their nature-filled location together with the majestic view of the city of Fukuoka under the vast sky.
The large windows offer a panoramic view of Fukuoka's landmarks. The interior and furnishings have been designed to be timeless, offering a style of stay that is dictated by the senses.

Area F Superior Twin

This guest room is equipped with a veranda and bedroom where you can relax as you wish while overlooking the city of Fukuoka.

Area F Japanese Suite

Japanese-Western hybrid room | Japanese-style room
There are two types of rooms, a purely Japanese-style room and a hybrid type of Japanese and Western styles equipped with a twin bedroom. Recommended for groups and families.

Area F Japanese

This room is equipped with a jacuzzi that overlooks dynamic views, from the sunset to the night skyline. Recommended for groups and families.

Area F Suite

Area F Suite Japanese type|Western type
There are two types of rooms, Japanese and Western. They feature a fantastic view from the bathroom, as well as separate living and bedrooms.

Area F Twin

The windows offer views of the Sefurisanchi mountain area and the Fukuoka cityscape. This guest room is equipped with a shower booth.

Area W

An invitation to a deeper world of tranquility. A space of wellness to return to your true self in silence.
This area, whose name is derived from the "W" in "wellness," is dedicated to the pursuit of even better health and beauty.
Throughout your stay, you will be offered various services that will help you regain your original state of beauty both physically and mentally, including spa treatments to restore your innate healing power/immunity and achieve wellness/detoxification, as well as well-balanced, healthy meals.

Wellness Suite

This guest room offers a dynamic night view for you to enjoy. In-room spa treatments are also available.

New Knows Old

Harmony between Japanese and modernism. A nostalgic yet novel space that is "just right."
This guest room features a familiar space brought about by Japanese architecture harmonized with modernism, creating a compact yet warm area that gently embraces you. Enjoy a relaxing and pleasant time with your family or while on a fun group trip.
The room can also be used to meet a variety of lodging needs, such as for workcation use or as a studio for creative artists.

New Knows Old

Japanese and Western styles are harmonized in this guest room. From the wooden deck, you can enjoy the night view along with a pleasant breeze.


Simple yet quality time flows.
We offer six types of rooms that allow you to experience the concept of "tranquility."
These rooms can be easily used for various occasions such as a trip with close friends, a business trip, or a long stay.

Superior Twin

In addition to the bedroom, this spacious guest room has a terrace and a separate living room with a sofa.

Standard Twin

Mountain View | Inside
There are two types of rooms, the Mountain View with a view of the mountains and the Inside without a view.

Standard Double

A compact and simple room recommended for single use or couples.

Standard Single

A compact room recommended for solo and business travelers.

Japanese Suite

This is a Japanese-style guest room which can be partitioned into two separate rooms by closing the sliding doors. Recommended for groups and families.

Japanese Modernism

Enjoy the sunset and night view from the large windows and terrace. Recommended for groups and families.


The morning set includes a mélange salad with 15 kinds of seasonal vegetables, homemade charcoal-grilled ham from Itoshima pork, a smoothie from seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits, and more to kickstart your day.
After having a restful and relaxing sleep, enjoy a colorful and elegant meal the next morning while admiring the unique view of Hilltop Resort, where nature and the city coexist in harmony.
Breakfast Venue
7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (last order at 9:30 AM)
Serving method: Morning set meal

Hot Water Bath

A large, alkaline (sodium carbonate) hot spring bath overlooking greenery through large windows. The smooth, hot spring-quality water is gentle to the skin, and the rich natural setting is ideal for relaxing.
Day trip bathing / Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (last admission at 3:00 PM)
Adults: 1,500 yen, Elementary school students: 750 yen
*Closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.
*Membership system (free). An ID is required for membership card issuance.

Lodging and bathing / Opening hours: 6:30 AM to 12:00 AM / Free for guests staying overnight.

Room Service

Our executive chef has produced a variety of menu items that make the most of seasonal ingredients for you to enjoy in the comfort of your room. We look forward to serving you.
Service hours: 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM (last order at 8:45 PM)

Fitness Room

The treadmills, exercise bikes, and other gym equipment will help you work up a good sweat while you take in the view of Fukuoka City. Balance balls and yoga mats are also available for use.
Opening hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
*Only for guests staying overnight.