Unique restaurants making use of ingredients from Kyushu.
HILLTOP RESORT FUKUOKA welcomes guests with rich and colorful flavors: seasonal Japanese-style course meals featuring sushi in a relaxing restaurant atmosphere, an open-air beer terrace with a pleasant breeze, and authentic Italian cuisine with a spectacular view of Fukuoka City at the main dining area. You are sure to encounter a variety of unique delicacies at each restaurant!


Enjoy your fill of authentic Italian cuisine that makes the most of the local season to the utmost limit, along with a one-of-a-kind view.

Sushi & Japanese Cuisine KOYOMI

Sushi and Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Kyushu and other parts of Japan based on the 24 sekki (solar terms) depicting the changing seasons.

Beer Terrace

A limited-time garden restaurant where you can enjoy open-air dining, including on a beer terrace.